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    We are selling established porn sites, our sites are making anywhere from $200 - $1,500 per month.

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    We have two requirements, site has to be at least 10 months old and min. income at least $150 per month.

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    We are using Escrow to handle all our transaction. If you are buying site, we are covering an Escrow fee.

    About our sites .

    This is the only place where you can buy or sell established porn sites. Our sites are 2+ years old, making stable income for at least 12 months. Sites are built using WordPress scripts.

    65% of traffic is coming from SEO, and it’s 100% passive and stable traffic. 20% of our traffic is coming from an established social profiles, and 15% of traffic is coming from re-uploading.

    Required daily maintenance for 1 site is 60 minutes. You will get our full tutorials and coaching on how to run your site.

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    Why do we sell ?

    Most of our sites are making $200 – $1,000 per month, so why are we not just keeping them for profit?

    When I sold my first site back in 2014, I realized how easy it is to make money by creating and flipping websites. My website was making $250 per month and I sold it for $3,700. I took that money and invested it again. I hired a few freelancer writers and an SEO expert, and I created 10 more sites. It took me 4 months to start making money from my new sites. Once those 10 sites started making $150/month each, I sold them for $2k-2.5k each, $20,000 total. That’s why I’m selling my sites, because I can create new sites and sell them again for profit.

    Get your porn sites now, pay once you make money


    We are selling our sites at 18X monthly income, so if our site is making $300 per month, we are selling it for $5,500.

    Some older, high quality sites will be more expensive, and some will be more expensive because we used multiple script add-ons.

    We are offering some discounts too! An existing customers will get 10% off their next purchase, and if you buy 3 sites, you get 13% off. 

    $200 PER MONTH

    Free 1 Year Hosting
    Free .com domain for life
    Full maintenance coaching
    3 Months of Support

    $500 per month

    Free 1 Year Hosting
    Free .com domain for life
    Full maintenance coaching
    6 Months of Support
    2 more Turnkey Sites for free

    $1000 per month

    Free 3 Year Hosting Plan
    Free .com domain for life
    Full maintenance coaching
    12 Months of Support
    5 more Turnkey Sites for free

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